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Are you using Xero but not sure if you are doing everything correctly or using it as efficiently as possible?

Are you carrying out the bookkeeping but not fully confident in all elements of the bookkeeping process?

Do you want to avoid significant errors and are seeking peace of mind of knowing that someone else is checking and reviewing and advising you?

Do you want to be pro-active and make sure you know about all the features which you could use to streamline your processes and save time?

Do you want to make sure that your Xero accounts go to your accountant following the year end in as best shape as possible to avoid queries and additional cost getting your accounts tidied up?

Introducing the Xero Health Check

Our Xero Health Check is a bit like the MOT for your vehicle or your annual boiler service and is a way of checking that your Xero bookkeeping is being done effectively and as efficiently as possible and your Xero accounts remain in good shape. The great reasons for having a Xero Health Check are:

  • Businesses know the core bookkeeping practices are in place and they can therefore rely on getting reliable information out of their Xero to make business decisions
  • The year end process with the accountant will progress much more smoothly
  • The system is being used as time efficiently as possible.

For a fee of £149 plus VAT, The Bookkeeping Department will ask you to provide access to your Xero accounts and they will then complete a Xero health check on your behalf. Following this you will receive a straightforward and user friendly report highlighting what has been checked and identifying any areas for action. We also offer a 30 minute phone call to go through the report with you in person.

It is then for you to decide if you wish to accept those recommendations. If you do, then you can either;

  • Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper and ask them to help you
  • Engage us to training/support you to do this yourself
  • Engage us to resolve issues or implement any changes for you

What the Health Check includes

There are two parts to the health check;

1. Bookkeeping Checks

We carry out the checks to ensure that good bookkeeping practices are in place. So we check things like;

  • Do the previous year Xero balances agree to year end accounts?
  • Are all bank and control accounts fully reconciled?
  • How up to date are aged receivables and payables and are they being managed?
  • How payroll elements have been allocated and whether the PAYE and net pay accounts are correct
  • Are there any clear omissions or issues from reviewing the P&L and the Balance sheet?
  • Are transactions being coded correctly and consistently?
  • Has the VAT been reconciled?

Please note that our checks do not replace the role and responsibilities that your accountant has as part of their year end processes for you. Our health check is designed to pick up issues that you need to be aware of as part of your bookkeeping processes and that you will want to rectify before handing over to your accountant to complete your year end for you.

2. Xero Software Utilisation

We carry out the checks to see how fully you are using Xero and highlight what you could be utilising in your business going forward to get better financial information or to be more time efficient. So we check things like;

  • Xero settings and set up
  • Do all users have 2 step authentication in place?
  • What level of automation is in place for bank reconciliation?
  • What level of automation is in place for sales invoicing and credit control?
  • What level of automation is in place for purchases?
  • Utilisation of purchase orders and quoting functions
  • Utilisation of the inventory function
  • Utilisation of the fixed asset register
  • Utilisation of CIS functionality (if in the building industry)
  • How the inventory is being used
  • How efficiently expense claims are being processed
  • What Xero apps could assist your business

What Does It Cost?

This service costs just £149 plus VAT for each set of Xero accounts. This is payable on engagement of our services to perform the health check for you.

What happens after the health check?

When the health check has been done, you will receive a report showing you all the areas we have reviewed with accompanying notes and recommendations. The report will include;

  • Issues that need to be fixed. We will provide guidance on how to do these fixes.
  • Areas that need your attention and how to work through these
  • Recommendations of features that you are not currently using which benefit your business and where to find more information.

You can then decide what you would like to do next. If you would like us to talk you through the finding and recommendations on the phone, then we are happy to schedule a 30 minute call with you to do this as part of this service.

If you would like any further support or training to take action in response to our recommendations then please ask and we will provide you with details of our costs in advance.

If you need help with bookkeeping to give you more time or peace of mind, please contact us today

Contact The Bookkeeping Department for an impartial chat about your requirements and a FREE consultation of your current and future requirements
I would like to say a massive thank you for helping me out the Xero.

Having worked with you, I now feel super-organised and totally relaxed that my numbers are in safe hands.

You have saved me so much time, and also prevented me from falling out wit Xero customer services! I was completely perplexed at the prospect of entering my opening balances into Xero, whilst also experiencing some strange bugs relating to PAYE and bank reconciliation.

Your knowledge of Xero and organisational skills were a force to be reckoned with, as you resolved all the issues we were experiencing.


Business Owner

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