Subcontracting For Accountants

Enabling accountants to get away from the number crunching and free themselves up from bookkeeping to focus on providing other accountancy services to their clients.


This service particularly suits accountants that;

  • Get asked by clients to do bookkeeping but would prefer to focus on higher fee earning work
  • Want to avoid employing bookkeeping staff themselves
  • Don’t want their time taken up with bookkeeping queries and issues
  • Can’t release their own staff to do on site jobs for clients
  • Have clients who work with a software for which they don’t have in-house expertise
  • Like working with good bookkeepers as this makes their job easier at year end

The team at the Bookkeeping Department have been great and as a small accounting firm we rely on working with reliable and trustworthy partners. Lynne, Alistair and the rest of the team are not only knowledgable but more importabtly really friendly and have that personal approach which is rare to find these days. We don’t see them as an outsourced bookkeeping function, rather a trusted partner.


Business Owner, Bedfordshire based Accountancy practice

We enjoy working in partnerships with accountants.

Why partner with us to provide bookkeeping services to your clients?

We often find that accountants don’t want to focus on providing bookkeeping services as they feel they can add more value in other ways. Also, some accountants who do provide bookkeeping do not always have the resource to provide on-site bookkeeping services.

Our experience is that accountants appreciate the benefit of a company having excellent bookkeeping in place as it makes their job at the year end much easier and they also know that their client is being looked after during the year and given regular financial information to use in their business.

So how do we work with accountants and their clients?

This can happen in different ways;

1. Accountants will recommend us to go and work directly with their clients. We then go and meet the client, provide a quotation and talk about how we can support them.  If the client would like to go ahead, we then work with the client directly on their regular bookkeeping and liaise with the accountant to ensure that the client is getting a seemless service between us.

2. The other scenario is where an accountant wants to use our services as a sub contractor. In this case, the accountant will continue to deal directly with the client regarding their bookkeeping and will invoice them for the services. Our part in this is to undertake all the bookkeeping processes for the accountant up to trial balance and provide them with a list of queries or issues that need to be resolved with the client and we then bill the accountant for our time. This enables the accountant to still retain an income from providing bookkeeping services to their clients but without the hassle and resource of doing this all themselves.

Interested in exploring this further?

If you are an accountant who is reading this and wants to talk about how we could help you and your clients, please contact who will be happy to come and have a chat with you about how we could work together.

If you need help with bookkeeping to give you more time or peace of mind, please contact us today

Contact The Bookkeeping Department for an impartial chat about your requirements and a FREE consultation of your current and future requirements

The Bookkeeping Department have been looking after a number of our clients delivering a bookkeeping service both onsite and offsite which offers excellent value and reliability.

They have also worked with us as part of our team, particularly impressing one of our larger clients where they have been flexible to the changing needs of the client and worked closely with us when needed to ensure that they client experienced a seamless service.

They are able to work with a range of software packages including a bespoke corporate package used by one of our clients, demonstrating sound understanding of basic bookkeeping concepts.

In addition to this I’ve worked with Lynne over a number of different projects and never fail to be impressed by her business acumen, enthusiasm, hard work, commitment and delivery to demanding time schedules.  This has ensured that the synergies between our firms have delivered unexpected rewards and means that I have no hesitation in recommending the Bookkeeping Department to other accountants.


Business Owner, Hertfordshire based Accountancy practice

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