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Bookkeeping for Marketing & Digital Marketing Agencies 4 - The Bookkeeping Department

Are you a creative person and business and really don’t enjoy the paperwork and financial elements of running your business?

Are you concerned that your business finances are taking up too much of your time?

Are you growing your business and know that you need a firmer grip on your business finances to be able to make the right business decisions?

Do you already have a bookkeeping arrangement but feel there must better way or you aren’t getting quite what you need?

What is it that concerns you?

  • Is it managing your cashflow so you can invest to grow your business or just make sure you have sufficient funds to pay staff and sub contractors every month?
  • Is it trying to get high quality staff and freelancers which are affordable enough to enable you to make a good profit on each project?
  • Is it whether you are going to meet your monthly sales target for new business and, if not, how it will affect your cashflow and bottom line?
  • Are your business finances not being managed ‘real time’ so you don’t always know where you are with your finances?
  • Is keeping on top of your accounts and the HMRC deadlines a burden for you?

So what can you do?

Step 1 – Take the decision to review your current arrangements for managing your business finances.   You have a busy schedule and you need a great system and a really time effective way of working to give you more time spent building your business or doing more creative work. So let’s see what the options are for giving you better financial control but without you doing all the work.

Step 2 – Come and have a coffee with us (with no obligation) and we can show you how you can;

  1. Reduce the mental burden and give you financial control of your business
  2. Help you to enhance the efficiency of your bookkeeping processes and give you great financial information you can use day to day to make decisions in your business
  3. Help you to assess your current profitability and how you can enhance this
  4. Free up your valuable time to work on other areas of your business
  5. Make sure you are compliant with the HMRC requirements, ready for the new Government ‘Making Tax Digital’ requirements and you have everything ready for your accountant at year end.

We are very approachable and informal and we have lots of experience of working with busy business owners in your sector and so understand the types of challenges you face.

All you need to do is email or complete the contact form below and tell us when you can be available to meet.

You may be thinking that you don’t have time to deal with this right now but we guarantee it will be worthwhile to just drop us an email before this drops down your priority list again.

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