How We Price

Straight forward packages or tailored bespoke to your needs

We offer a free no obligation quotation to any business wanting to explore the cost of getting help with their bookkeeping.

We find that your turnover is not always a true indicator of the time needed to do your bookkeeping so our bookkeeping quotations are based on the volume of transactions we need to process.

When we speak to you, we find out from you about the different types and approximate numbers of transactions you have in your business. We put this together with the type of service that you need from us and provide you with a tailored quotation.

We can provide fixed fee packages which enable you to know exactly how much you will be paying each month so you get no surprises.

We do not ask our clients to sign a contract to work with us for a certain period of time and so you are not tied into any long term arrangement should your business change or if the services need to increase or decrease.

If you need help with bookkeeping to give you more time or peace of mind, please contact us today

Contact The Bookkeeping Department for an impartial chat about your requirements and a FREE consultation of your current and future requirements
Lynne from The Bookkeeping Department is extremely knowledgeable.

I have found her advice on how to manage our bookkeeping and invoicing processes most useful.

Whatever your business size I would highly recommend seeking the advice of a bookkeeper and if you are looking for a new one then speak to The Bookkeeping Department, their service is invaluable.


Business Owner

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